About This Challenge

Meditation has been the single most powerful tool that I have used to help me overcome the challenges that life has thrown my way.

And with no shortage of chaos in the world around us these days, I want to make sure as many people as possible can experience the transformational power of this tool too!

 Join me from February 6th-Febraury 26th for this FREE, virtual, 21 day Meditation Challenge where I will share with you daily meditations & practical teachings that will help you turn meditation into a new habit that supports you in building a life filled with peace, joy & clarity.

No matter the challenges that unfold throughout your day.

I'll be holding a 3-part LIVE AWAKEN Masterclass as part of the Challenge from February 20-22nd on Zoom!

To get UNSTUCK and join me for this Masterclass, click the button below to register for the Meditation Challenge:

What do YOU gain?

The confidence & 'know-how' to incorporate regular meditation into your routine

Cultivate a new habit & unlock a different level of thinking that can allow you to tackle life's challenges with greater clarity (& success!)

Increase you awareness of energetic healing & start to clear out the blocks that have been holding you back from achieving you goals & the life you've always dreamed of

Deepen your connection with your body, mind & emotions - no more sleep walking through life!

Begin to feel in control of your own life & make decisions for yourself that bring you greater peace, joy, clarity & abundance

What's Included?

Your own Meditation Challenge Portal to access the meditations & teachings that are released throughout the Challenge

 Guidance through multiple meditations* of various lengths & styles throughout the Challenge

Access to teachings that explore the power of meditation, taken from my 3-day AWAKEN program

 Regular exercises that encourage you to deepen your connection with your meditation practice & connect with the community of people doing the Challenge with you

Join a community of like-minded people & stay connected throughout the Challenge in the private Awakened Life Facebook Group


Join me for a LIVE AWAKEN Masterclass
When? February 20th-22nd at 18:30 (GMT) on Zoom

At this Masterclass you will:

Learn my exclusive 3-stage AWAKEN framework taught at my PAID 3-day AWAKEN event

Add an additional tool to your tool kit that can work in tandem with your meditation practice to help you become UNSTUCK and stay grounded, clear and confident on your path forwards

Want access to the meditation & teaching recordings from the entire Challenge? After submitting your details below, look out for the option to upgrade to VIP.
*The number of meditations you have access to is dependent on the number of days remaining in the Challenge from the date of registration. Each meditation is available for ~24hrs after which a new meditation will be shared on the portal in it's place.

What are people saying about the power of our meditations?

How does this Challenge work?
From February 6th-26th a recorded meditation will be uploaded to your portal.

Throughout the Challenge a new meditation will be made available that has been carefully chosen to help you take small consistent steps towards building a meditation routine.

And the beauty of this Challenge is even if you aren't able to participate everyday, once registered you can jump into the Challenge & participate in that day's meditation in your own time.

But as I always say, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out if it. ;)

And as you progress throughout the Challenge I will share teachings & exercises with you via your portal that will give you greater insight into the power of meditation and help you deepen your connection with your practice.

Plus, as you participate in the Challenge you will begin to connect with the community of like-minded people participating in the Challenge with you.

Because building meditation into your routine isn't always easy.

But this challenge has been designed to give you the support & guidance you need to do this for yourself & experience the incredible benefits that meditation can bring into your life.

 Please note, previous days' meditations & access to meditation recordings after they have been replaced on your portal by a new one will only be made available to people who choose the VIP upgrade option at checkout.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

-Albert Einstein

By incorporating the powerful practice of meditation into your life, you can begin to tap into this new level of thinking that will help you tackle life's challenges & start living up to your full potential.

...and there's a Prize Draw! 
Because who doesn't love a good prize draw?!

Upon registering for the Meditation Challenge you'll have the opportunity to enter in our amazing Meditation Challenge Prize Draw & be in the running to secure some awesome prizes that can help you take your meditation routine to the next level.

The details on how to join will be shared with you after registering for the Challenge.

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